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Please wear face masks, to keep us all safe.
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Congratulations to Irenosen Okojie,
winner of the
AKO Caine Prize 2023

AKO Caine Prize logo
Irenosen Okojie

Newham author Irenosen Okojie won the AKO Caine Prize for her short story ‘Grace Jones’, from her collection of stories Nudibranch. Click here for more details. Irenosen Okojie is one of the featured Newham Bookshop people in the learning resources for ssr安卓下载最新版: see them all here.

Newham Bookshop supports
Earlham Primary School’s
Summer Reading Book Scheme

Almir, a pupil at Earlham Primary ssr软件

Newham Bookshop has supplied and delivered books to 460 pupils at Earlham Primary School to support their Summer Reading Book Scheme. The books were selected by John Newman, our children’s bookseller. Click here to visit the school’s website to see pictures of many happy pupils with their books. We’d like to thank Newham Cyclists who did the deliveries.


Superior: the Return of Race Science Superior: the Return of Race Science


Since we announced the offer to provide free copies of Superior: the Return of Race Science by Angela Saini and Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge on 2 June, we have been inundated with requests from across the UK and from abroad. We have also received many requests for a bundle of children’s books discussing racism and power.

This is all possible thanks to a generous donation from Dr Jess Wade, a physicist, materials scientist and equalities campaigner at Imperial College London. Jess Wade also launched a crowdfunding page on JustGiving, which has raised over £11,400. Angela Saini’s publishers 4th Estate made a generous donation of 1,000 copies of the paperback edition of ssr软件 to make it possible to give books to many more people.

Apart from requesting free copies of these books, many people have donated to the crowdfunding and have chosen to pay for their book, as well as ordering other books discussing these issues.


We have now sent out most of the free books, including the children’s bundles. If you haven’t received a book, please check that you have sent us your postal address. If you asked to buy other books in addition to a free one, you will be contacted about this.

Free books statistics

Over 550 requests for 梦城博客-专注网络技术资源分享:2021-5-13 · 梦城博客(DCQZZ.CN)专注网络技术分享,主要分享程序源码,网络技术,免费空间,模板插件,活动分享,各类教程,软件,QQ资源,致力创造一个高质量分享平台., Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race or a bundle of children’s books
60 requests from outside the UK
50 requests from Newham and the local area
£11,445 raised from crowdfunding donations
Average donation of £18.

Heather Moos auction winner

Charity CD auction winner is Pink Floyd’s top fan

Our live-streamed charity auction for the signed CD of The Dark Side of the Moon took place at The Wanstead Tap on Saturday 6 June with a select group of serious Pink Floyd fans. The winning bid of £2,000 came from Heather Moos of Scottsdale, Arizona. Heather says: “I have a David Gilmour/Pink Floyd playlist that I play almost every day. One day when I was listening to it, a message from Spotify popped up congratulating me for being one of Pink Floyd’s top fans worldwide. ‘You’re one of their top 1% fans.’ I didn’t even know that was a thing but I was ecstatic!”

Vivian Archer, manager of Newham Bookshop, said: “We are really pleased to have raised £2,000 in this auction. We are donating to INQUEST, who support bereaved families following a death in custody and whose patron is our mutual friend Benjamin Zephaniah, and to Newham-based campaigners Netpol, who defend people’s right to protest and oppose unjust and discriminatory policing.”

Good Food for Bad Days

Exclusive! Signed copies of Jack Monroe’s Good Food for Bad Days

Jack Monroe’s new book has just been published. It was written before the coronavirus pandemic, but perfectly captures what we all need now. Newham Bookshop supports Jack Monroe with her books, and will donate £1 from each copy sold to a Newham foodbank. If you would like to buy an exclusive signed copy, please email info@newhambooks.co.uk or call 020 8552 9993. The book costs £7.99, plus £1.40 postage. For international customers the postage is £5.01. (For local customers, the anarchist cyclists are raring to go).



Polly Samson and David Gilmour


A Theatre for Dreamers

The voice and guitar of Pink Floyd, David Gilmour, has donated some rare signed copies of CDs for our auction to support local charities. Most of the bids have come in by email and we expect to raise around £2,000. We will tell the winners very soon.

David Gilmour is here signing CDs with his wife ssr最新版下载 signing bookplates to go in copies of her new novel A Theatre for Dreamers. We have had many orders for this book and they are on their way!

Newham Bookshop's adults' bookshop Conde Nast Traveller logo

Newham Bookshop named as one of
ten brilliant bookshops – that deliver

Newham Bookshop features in the online version of Condé Nast Traveller’s selection of 【斗将BT版】斗将手游破解版下载_特玩BT手游:3 小时前 · 《斗将-百抽特权》是一款“轻”国风策略回合卡牌竞技手游,唯美国风古韵,搭配自由3D视角,伍乱斗为核心的大世界构架,给玩家带来更加传奇的手游体验。游戏采用了创新的策略战斗玩法,玩家将伍逆命师的身伇,召唤百位历史名将,对抗肆虐大陆的魔物妖兽,续写传奇英雄伊的神话。. The article describes how each of the independent bookshops are striving to provide a service to customers while their shops are closed to the public.

Thursday 19 March: ITV London News reports on Newham Bookshop’s response to the Coronavirus emergency


Bernardine Evaristo Girl, Woman, Other Metropolitan March/April 2023 cover


Bernardine Evaristo, author of ssr教程安卓 and joint winner of the 2023 Booker Prize told Eurostar’s on-board magazine Metropolitan about her relationship with London, and mentioned ssr软件 as her favourite bookshop. Click here for the interview.

Kate Thompson and friends

Book signing with Kate Thompson
Secrets of the Homefront Girls

With Stan Moore on spoons and Lyn Brown MP

Photographs by Sarah Ainslie

Kate Thompson and friends
Kate Thompson and friends

Stan Moore
Stan Moore and Lyn Brown MP

The Little Book of Humanism
The Little Book of Humanism
is published in hardback by
Little, Brown on 4 June 2023

Pre-order The Little Book of Humanism

We are thrilled to offer pre-orders for this great book, The Little Book of Humanism, by Alice Roberts and Andrew Copson, which will be published in June. We will make a donation to Humanists UK from the sales.

SSR星动如你金手指破解版下载-SSR星动如你免费鲜花破解 ...:2021-11-27 · SSR星动如你金手指版是一款明星向的橙光破解游戏,这款游戏现已破解金手指属性和免费鲜花,方便玩家伊攻略,伍exo为题材的真人恋爱游戏,玩家可伍与心伈的爱豆展开甜蜜的恋爱之旅。可玩性很高,感兴趣就下载SSR星动如你金手指版。

In The Little Book of Humanism, Alice Roberts and Andrew Copson share over two thousand years of humanist wisdom through an uplifting collection of stories, quotes and meditations on how to live an ethical and fulfilling life, grounded in reason and humanity. With universal insights and beautiful original illustrations, The Little Book of Humanism is a perfect introduction and a timeless anthology of humanist thought from some of history and today’s greatest thinkers.

Listen to Benjamin Zephaniah and Vivian Archer
on the ssr最新版下载 podcast, painting worlds with words

Benjamin Zephaniah and ssr安卓下载最新版 discuss Newham Bookshop with host Ben Holden on the latest episode of the Ex Libris podcast. Click here to listen.




Nikita Gill
Raymond Antrobus

Photographs by Keith J. Martin


Temporary banners
above 743 and 745

While we are waiting to put up new signage, we are pleased to display two banners for the time being. Do you like them? Email or tweet your comments.


Peter Williams tells the story of
West Ham and its Fire Brigade

Local historian, author and friend of Newham Bookshop, Peter Williams has published a book on the history of West Ham and its Fire Brigade. This illustrated book weaves together local history with an account of the fire service in West Ham from 1800 to 1965.

Newham Bookshop is London’s regional winner
for Independent Bookshop of the Year 2023

Regional Winner

On Friday 22 March it was announced that Newham Bookshop is the London winner of the British Book Awards Independent Bookshop of the Year. Thanks to your help and support, we were chosen from a shortlist of seven London independent booksellers. Announcing the decision in The Bookseller, Tom Tivnan, managing editor of The Bookseller and chair of the Independent Bookshop of the Year judges, said: “In 2018, we had the wonderful news that indie bookshop numbers increased for the second year in a row, the first time that has happened in decades. We’ve seen that renaissance in the sector reflected in the sheer depth and breadth of submissions to this award. These are nine worthy winners, from regional shortlists of startling strength, all of which represent the best in British bookselling but, perhaps more importantly, are hubs of their communities.”

For London, he said: “Newham Bookshop in Upton Park, the London category winner, marked 40 years trading in 2018. The huge affection for the shop became apparent in a fundraising campaign to support its move to new premises last year, while manager Vivian Archer received the Outstanding Contribution to Bookselling Award at the Books Are My Bag Awards.”

ssr安卓下载最新版 Section title: young adult

Wide-ranging stock helps us be the London regional winner of the Independent Bookshop of the Year

We are delighted to congratulate Golden Hare Books of Edinburgh for winning the Independent Bookshop of the Year, but we are very pleased to be the regional winner for London. We cover a wide range of subjects at Newham Bookshop, as demonstrated by our section titles, some of which have been refreshed following our move into 743 Barking Road.

Section titles: biography and philosophy
Section title: feminism
Section titles: music and sport

Your comments helped us become the London regional winner

We’ve been shown some of your comments which contributed to our becoming the London regional winner of Independent Bookshop of the Year. We’d love to share them with you – click here to read them.


LoveReading logo

Newham Bookshop is LoveReading’s
Bookshop of the Month

We are proud that Newham Bookshop is LoveReading’s Bookshop of the Month. The article features a Q&A with ssr最新版下载, which you can read here.

Thank you poster


We’ve been receiving dozens of book orders by email and phone, and sending them out by post. Our special cycling volunteers are helping with local deliveries in Newham, Wanstead and Leytonstone.

Apart from many orders from our local customers, we’ve been sending signed copies of Polly Samson’s new novel A Theatre for Dreamers to fans across Europe, the USA and Australia! Your local independent bookshop is going global.

See where our customers are on our world map or on maps of North America and Europe.

Family lessons for Writing and Reading Newham available here


Are you locked down with children in years 5 or 6? We have four lessons for classroom or family use developed from On the Record’s oral history project centered around Newham Bookshop, Writing and Reading Newham. Click here for full details.



These Are
The Hands

and support the NHS Charities Covid Appeal

Michael Rosen’s poem, These Are The Hands, features in a book of poems from the heart of the NHS, which has just been published.

Email info@newhambooks.co.uk. to order a copy of These Are The Hands: Poems from the Heart of the NHS for £9.99 plus £3.01 p&p. All proceeds from the book will go to the NHS Charities Covid Appeal.

Past events and news

Rachel Reeves MP and Sophie Walker discuss Westminster and rebellion.
Hosted by Lyn Brown MP

Julian Earl: Cows in Trees

Book signing with Kate Thompson
Secrets of the Homefront Girls
with East End legend Stan Moore
playing the spoons

Daniel Sonabend
We Fight Fascists
The 43 Group and Their Forgotten
Battle for Post War Britain

In conversation with Michael Rosen

Raymond Antrobus,
Salena Godden
& Nikita Gill

John Crace
Decline and Fail
Read in Case of Political Apocalypse

Suresh Singh
A Modest Living
Memoirs Of A Cockney Sikh

An Evening with
Lucinda Dickens Hawksley
Part of Redbridge Fabula Festival 2023

Eleanor Crow
Shopfronts of London
In conversation with Krissie Nicolson

Lucy O’Brien
Janette Mason and David McAlmont
Dusty in Words and Music

Carl Cattermole
Prison: A Survival Guide
In conversation with Deborah Coles

Jenni Murray
A History of the World
in 21 Women

Daniel Rachel
Don’t Look Back In Anger
In conversation with Paolo Hewitt

Esther Rutter
This Golden Fleece
A Journey Through
Britain’s Knitted History

Book Benefit for the
homeless in Newham

Launch party for
Luan Goldie
Nightingale Point

Ronnie le Drew
Duncan Barrett and Nuala Calvi
Zippy and Me

David Rosenberg
Rebel Footprints
in conversation with Asad Rehman

Pete Brown
Pie Fidelity
In Defence of British Food

Carol Ann Duffy
Poetry for the Insect Population
with Andrew McMillan, Matthew Hollis, Imtiaz Dharker, Zaffar Kunial,
Mark Pajak, Hannah Sullivan,
Sean Borodale, Ella Duffy
and Yvonne Reddick

David Hepworth
A Fabulous Creation
How the LP Saved Our Lives

5x15 on The Future of Education
with David Kynaston, Priya Lakhani, Alex Beard, Owen Jones,
Melissa Benn and Kate Clanchy

Cold War Steve
The Festival of Brexit
in conversation with Martin Rowson

Lucinda Gosling
Shirley Baker and Vintage Britain

Robert Elms
London Made Us
A Memoir of a Shape-Shifting City

Michael Rosen
with Danny Braverman

Bobby Seagull
The Life-Changing Magic of Numbers

Suresh Singh
with Stef Dickers

Newham Word Festival logo
Duncan Barrett
Hitler’s British Isles

Newham Word Festival logo
Kate Thompson
and Melanie McGrath

Newham Word Festival logo
Regeneration Songs

Asian Noir:
the new wave of crime fiction

Luke Turner
Out of the Woods

Danny Dorling
Rule Britannia
Brexit and the End of Empire

Doreen Fletcher, Paintings
with The Gentle Author

Benjamin Zephaniah
The Life and Rhymes
of Benjamin Zephaniah

in conversation with Cilius Victor

Peggy Seeger
First Time Ever

E. Foley and B. Coates
What Would Boudicca Do?

Bobby Seagull
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Will Ashon
Chamber Music
Enter the Wu-Tang (in 36 Pieces)

Robin Ince
I’m a Joke and So Are You
A Comedian’s Take on
What Makes Us Human

Nicola Streeten and Cath Tate
The Inking Woman

Iain Sinclair

1968 and After:
Culture and Education

An evening with
Shami Chakrabarti and Rachel Holmes

Martin Rowson
The Pen is Mightier Than the Word

Ed Vulliamy
When Words Fail

Marcus Sedgwick & Dr Sam George
The Battle of the Books:
ssr教程安卓 v. Dracula

Kenney Jones

Ben Okri and special guests
Rise Like Lions

Adam Dant
Maps of London & Beyond

Sarah Ivens
Forest Therapy

Shore 2 Shore
with Carol Ann Duffy
Gillian Clarke, Imtiaz Dharker, Jackie Kay
and Maura Dooley, with music by John Sampson

Viv Albertine
To Throw Away Unopened

Melanie McGrath
in conversation with Duncan Barrett

James Bloodworth
Six Months Undercover
in Low-Wage Britain

Chris Difford
Full Acoustic Show
Some Fantastic place

Michael Rosen
So They Call You Pisher!

David Hepworth
Uncommon People
The Rise and Fall of the
Rock Stars 1955-1994

Liam Young and Simon Hannah
The Labour Party, past and present

Misha Glenny: McMafia
Seriously Organised Crime

Helen Pankhurst: Deeds Not Words
The Story of Women’s Rights,
Then and Now

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Literary Natives
Writers of Colour Meet Up

John Davies: The Red Atlas
How the Soviet Union
Secretly Mapped the World

Please look in our Archive,
in the main menu.